Wednesday, November 13, 2013

2013 Food Allergy Friendly and Clean Eating Thanksgiving

Thick and creamy mashed potatoes, crisp deep-fried turkey, fluffy and moist stuffing, rich gravy, sweet pumpkin pie...

To most, that sounds like a heavenly Thanksgiving spread. But to some, it sounds like a table full of garnished land mines. To me, maintaining a gluten free diet during the holidays sort of feels like trying to avoid sugar in a doughnut shop. In an effort to make the endeavor a little easier for others last year, I put together a gluten free, food allergy-friendly, "clean eating" Thanksgiving spread. The recipe round-up provided some great feedback. It's great to know that many of you could eat more than the green leafy garnish on your family's Thanksgiving table last year.

This year, I've put together a Thanksgiving recipe collection that incorporates new emerging diets and nutritional healing trends. These include The Autoimmune Paleo Diet, Paleo principles and Body Ecology Diet principles. All recipes are gluten free and many of the recipes below are AIP-friendly, Body Ecology-friendly, Paleo-friendly, and many are suitable for vegetarians and vegan eaters. Check out my additional ingredient substitution recommendations for those of you who have additional sensitivities, or more allergies than you can count on all of your fingers and toes. This is when things can get pretty complicated, but I've learned some tricks to keep the sketchy ingredients out of your dishes. Here's to hoping that no one is stuck with green beans and celery sticks this year. Enjoy!

Allergy-friendly ingredient substitutions:

  • Instead of Caramelized Onions: for lower sulfur, try roasted or caramelized fennel.
  • Instead of Garlic: for lower sulfur, try seasoning holiday dishes with rosemary, thyme, sweet basil, parsley or oregano.
  • Instead of White Potatoes: for nightshade-free, try turnips, rhutabaga, mashed cauliflower or sweet potatoes.
  • Instead of Pumpkin: for lower lower histamine, try butternut squash or yam
  • Instead of (Candied) Nuts: for tree-nut free, try roasted pumpkin seeds.
  • Instead of Eggs: to replace eggs in baked goods, try 1 tbsp of ground flaxseed and 3 tbsp of warm water for every egg. 
  • Instead of Corn: for corn-free, millet is a great substitute for cornmeal. Millet flour is great for making faux "cornbread". 
  • Instead of Butter: to make vegan-friendly use grapeseed oil in a savory dish or coconut butter for a sweet and creamy flavor.
All recipes are gluten free, nightshade free, corn free, soy free, egg free and refined sugar free.

An Allergy-Friendly and Clean-Eating Thanksgiving

Uncandied Yams:

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Really appreciate. Thanks for sharing. Everything looks delicious!

  2. Thank you, Candice. What a great list! Really excited to incorporate more fennel.

  3. I have really enjoyed your food advice over the years and nominated you for a Liebster Award!