Sunday, April 21, 2013

5 Lessons Illness Has Taught Me

I'm an unexpected student of the school of life. When illness is your teacher and healing is your homework, you have innumerable opportunities to feel things you never imagined you'd feel, see things you hadn't noticed, discover worlds others haven't acknowledged and learn lessons that most may never get to learn.

Sometimes it feels unfair, as the sting of these painful yet poignant lessons shake your perception and shift your reality in irrevocable ways. But, that's how you grow. When illness challenges your personal truths and physical plight reroutes your chosen path, you get the chance to meet who you truly are. Instead of holding onto the ideas of where you thought you were supposed to go, you have the opportunity to find and accept the place that you were always meant to be. Rather than living for tomorrow, you learn to live day by day or often minute by minute. You learn to value moments, because in the end, it isn't your dreams, your achievements or your awards that define your life- it's the moments that comprise it. The moments that make your heart happy, the ones that you share with others, where you meet, connect, experience, laugh, comfort, love, and allow your authentic self to just be.

These life-altering lessons have been difficult, but to have learned them leaves me grateful. They've lead me to discover that life isn't about searching for your purpose, it's about living in each moment's intent. When you do, your purpose finds you.

5 Lessons Illness Has Taught Me

1. Falling in love with the life that you dreamt for yourself prevents you from knowing who you are

2. You don't have to love every aspect of your life, and it's okay to hope for a better tomorrow. But appreciate who you're with, what you do have, and who you are now. What's meant for you won't pass you.

3. Difficulty often provides opportunity, but it isn't handed to you on a silver platter. Once the door opens, you have to be ready and willing to walk yourself through it.

4. Fearing what tomorrow may bring doesn't make it any easier to face in the morning. It merely tarnishes the moments you were given today.

5. Sometimes healing isn't a matter of hanging on; it's often a matter of letting go.

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  1. Wow! Great stuff? Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. What a wonderful inspiration. Thank you. I'm sure I needed to 'hear' this.
    I've had chronic Lyme since 2006 and obviously not accepted my new life as 2008 - cancer; 2009 chronic arthritis; 2010 deteriorating discs, hip joints and facet syndrome where I now require a walker. I have a tendency to walk in the shadows of life with lifelong depression and constantly tell myself to turn around and walk back into the light. Some days are good, some days are better.